What is your company worth?
And why?

What is your company worth? And why?

It’s the ‘why’ that counts.

The value of a closely-held business is, by definition, subjective. Whether you are selling your firm or need a valuation for estate planning, litigation or financial reporting, you need a basis for an assumed value. Providing a basis for the many variables that go into a valuation opinion requires the services of a valuation expert. We have been providing expert valuation opinions for over 25 years. Brandywine Valuation Consultants, LLC values closely-held securities for estate planning, financial statement audits, equitable distribution, and tax audits. You may be confident that you know what your company is worth. BVC will explain why.

Estate and Gift Tax

One component of an estate plan is the gifting of closely held company shares to the next generation. Either the gifting of shares or a tax filing for a deceased shareholder’s estate should include a valuation of … more

Litigation Support

When the value of a closely held business must be presented as evidence in court, a client and his or her attorney look for two qualities in an expert: credibility and timeliness. Credibility comes from the ability to … more

Financial Reporting

The movement away from Historic Cost accounting to Fair Value accounting has consumed the time and financial resources of many CFOs and their companies. While the increased record keeping and systems … more