Litigation Support

When the value of a closely held business must be presented as evidence in court, a client and his or her attorney look for two qualities in an expert: credibility and timeliness. Credibility comes from the ability to provide a basis for a valuation opinion and to testify to that opinion in front of a judge or jury in a clear and concise manner. Timeliness is the ability to work within a sometimes awkward time frame imposed by court deadlines. No Court is sympathetic to an unprepared expert.

BVC offers valuation and expert witness services in any litigation where evidence of business value must be presented.

Common litigation cases include:
  • Equitable Distribution in divorce
  • Dissenting shareholder actions
  • Tax court disputes
Relevant background:
  • Over 25 years experience in litigation support, including hundreds of valuations completed in support of equitable distribution, dissenting shareholder and tax cases
  • Qualified as an expert witness in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Federal District Court
  • Aided in settlement negotiations to avoid the cost and risk of going to court
  • Provide rebuttal testimony against unreasonable valuation reports when needed