Financial Reporting

The movement away from Historic Cost accounting to Fair Value accounting has consumed the time and financial resources of many CFOs and their companies. While the increased record keeping and systems costs are necessary to provide more relevant financial statements, the valuation process should proceed as accurately and efficiently as possible so as not to impose an additional burden on the resources of the firm.

We have been working with companies in the following areas since 2002:
  • ASC 805 – Business Combinations
    We provide valuation analysis of intangible assets for the purpose of allocating value in transactions. The valuation of tangible assets, such as real estate and equipment are referenced to a network of tangible asset appraisers.
  • ASC 350 – Intangibles, Goodwill and Other
    Following the asset allocation, the intangible assets should be tested for impairment each year.
  • ASC 718 – Stock Compensation
    The valuation of stock options and complex capital structures.
  • ASC 336
    We support our work before auditors and their valuation teams who must sign off on the valuation.